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We offer you on this website ingenious and useful products llike myBunjee an ingenious device that simply slips over and secures any mobile phone, preventing it from hitting the deck by way of a coiled bunjee cord that clips to your jacket, belt loop or bag/handbag. Gyroboard is a balance board, key words are proprioception, balance, strength, sport, fitness, used by high level athletes but also at home and by physiotherapists. If you wear the 4 OCean bracelet you help 4 Ocean cleaning the oceans and beaches and organizing clean-ups worldwide. 




Designed to fit all phone sizes

The myBunjee® adapts to fit any phone. Keep your phones safe, protected and available at all times.


Extendable cord responsive flex

The coil gives you the flexibility to use your phone, whilst still ensuring its safety by being attached to your bag, your jeans, your jacket...to  you!

GYROBOARD, all in one sport board, balanceboard, proprioception, balance, core, perfect for kite, surf, ski, physio, fitness, football, handball, martial arts, flyboard...Athletes like Jean Fred CHAPUIS ,Jean Baptiste GRANGE and Stephane PRAYAS use Gyroboard for training and reeducation.